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Warm Up to Frozen Foods

Posted on 23 February 2010 by Agile Chef

Keeping your restaurant running smoothly can be challenging in today’s market. You want to cut costs and save time in the kitchen without sacrificing great-tasting, nutritious food. Luckily, you can improve your menu and your bottom line while reducing preparation time and labor expenses, simply by incorporating heat ‘n serve frozen foods into your kitchen.

Here are five ways frozen foods can help your restaurant:

1) Quick and Easy Customization — Frozen foods help make creating signature dishes quicker and easier. They serve as an excellent base for your custom creations. Just add sauce, seasonings or sides, and you’ve got delicious dishes in less time — and at less cost — than traditional cooking from scratch.

2) Great Nutritional Value — A common misconception holds that frozen fruits and vegetables lack the nutritional value of their fresh counterparts. Not true! The modern process of flash-freezing fruits and vegetables takes place within 24 hours of harvest, capturing them at their freshest so they retain their original texture and nutrients. What’s more, frozen foods cut down on trans fats, sodium, sugars and preservatives, making them healthier and better-tasting.

3) Run Your Restaurant Faster — You know the importance of an efficient kitchen. Because ready-to-cook entrees and produce alike require less washing, chopping, prepping, baking, boiling and frying, you save valuable preparation time in the kitchen. Clients are served faster, improving customer service, increasing table efficiency and boosting profits.

4) Waste Less — Frozen foods don’t just cost less than purchasing individual ingredients for each dish; they also help prevent wasted food and inventory loss. Because many frozen foods come packaged in resealable zipper bags, they can be opened and closed as often as needed without the risk of freezer burn so food stays fresher longer.

5) Better Taste and Quality — These days, most frozen food entrees are virtually indistinguishable from high-cost, made-from-scratch foods. Restaurant owners and operators save time and money, while their customers enjoy great-tasting, high-quality cuisine. Now, doesn’t that sound deliciously easy?

With a wide range of frozen foods available to restaurant owners and operators, it’s easier than ever to find the product line or menu item that works for you!

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